Engage in Productivity
Engage in meaningful activities with your friends and earn rewards which you can convert into our virtual currency. Activities include things like writing your own blogs, sharing your videos, and discussing various topics that promotes productivity and positivity.
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Start earning by buying any of our Virtual prepaid cards to fund your account and share the opportunity with your friends. You may leverage on our virtual currency doing the usual things that you do on other social networks. At Compumatrix, everything you do has value!
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Member Testimonial
I started by submitting activities to earn points which I convert to CDCs. And these CDCs allow me to participate in producing Virtual Prepaid Cards where I earn lucrative Cash Sales Commissions every month from a sales and marketing group doing all the selling part for me. This is just amazing! - James, Nevada

I bought and loaded my account with a Diamond Virtual Prepaid Card, built my inventory, and shared the opportunity online! It is just astonishing that more people are buying cards from me causing me to run out of stock so I'm buying more cards! - Rianne, Philippines